An evening wander.

A sort walk from Lydia Bridge up river towards Didworthy, on the way i had to walk up fat man’s alley to the first style then across weir field to the next style which is at the entrance to a woodland which is owned by the Woodland Trust.

River Avon just down from Didworthy
A small stream which feeds the Avon
Steps taking you deeper into the woods
The style at the entrance to the woods
The style at the end of Fat Mans Alley
Fat Man’s Alley
Looking down from Lydia Bridge


Shipley Bridge to Broad Falls

Great walk yesterday, started at Shipley bridge, then up to the Avon Dam, quick coffee then on to Huntington warren  then on to Broad Falls, a round trip of about ten miles. Next stop was the Avon Dam then on to Huntington Warren past the Clapper Bridge to Broad Falls.

River Avon no3

Avon Dam main
Avon Dam.

Avon Dam

Avon Dam pond
Looking out from the dam.
Huntingdon Warren
Huntingdon Warren.
Cross Huntingdon Warren
A cross at Huntingdon Warren.
Clapper bridge_
Clapper bridge between Huntingdon Warren and Broad falls.
Broad Falls
Broad Falls.