Dartmoor Images


East Dart at Bellever
Bellever Bridge
Postbridge Clapper Bridge
Clapper Bridge at Postbridge
Bellever Bridge clear
Bellever Bridge



Broad Falls
Broad Falls
Clapper bridge_
Clapper Bridge between Huntingdon Warren and Broadfalls
Cross Huntingdon Warren
A cross at Huntingdon Warren
Huntingdon Warren
Hunting Warren
Avon Dam pond
Looking back from the dam

Avon Dam

Avon Dam main
The Avon Dam
River Avon no3
River Avon , near Shipley Bridge.

Owley farm gate 2DSC_0891 Owley RiverDSC_0852 owley streamDSC_0605 sheepstor road 2DSCN0085 Owley wire 2DSC_0024 header


DSCN0087 Owley moor gateDSCN0090 gate lachDSC_0603 steeptor church Nef 2DSC_0599 Burtor res NEF 3

DSCN0086 Cannon Ball Trees 2

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