Dartmoor Images

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Footpath sign to Owley at the end of Lady’s wood


Fat Man’s Alley
The Stlye at the end of Fat Mans Alley
The style at the entrance to the woodland

erme river 7 (1 of 1)erme river 6 (1 of 1)erme river 8 (1 of 1)E5668C2F-88C8-4242-9B32-3C2992CCF99EDA3F444D-7267-4F61-B700-129AB851A3325ABAAFB2-07B1-4FF0-9D56-D4773E3AB9B19B15CDD6-7ADB-4383-B7CE-C4055173AA3187B0CBC5-CCF2-4C80-A7DF-C2AF12342FACDSCN0086DSC_0596 sheeptor mount jegDSC_0603 steeptor church Nef 2DSC_0599 Burtor res NEF 2DSC_0605 sheepstor road done

Known as the Kissing Gates



Cross Huntingdon Warren
A cross at Huntingdon Warren
Huntingdon Warren
Hunting Warren
Avon Dam pond
Looking back from the dam

Avon Dam

Avon Dam main
The Avon Dam

Owley farm gate 2DSCN0085 Owley wire 2DSC_0024 header


DSCN0087 Owley moor gateDSCN0090 gate lachDSC_0603 steeptor church Nef 2DSC_0599 Burtor res NEF 3

DSCN0086 Cannon Ball Trees 2

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